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We are committed to protecting your personal information as we always respect your privacy. Through this Privacy Policy, you will get to know how we collect your information, what type of information it could be, and how we use your information once collected.

What Information Do We Gather?

  • Cookies: We may collect your information through cookies, be it persistent or session cookies. Persistent cookies remain in the browser until you delete them, whereas session cookies get removed automatically when you close the browser.
  • Information We May Receive from Others: Other sources may provide us with your information. For instance, if you use any third-party tool through a website, it may share your information with us.
  • Voluntarily Provided Data: Once you provide us with your information voluntarily, like name, email address, and other similar things, we may store it in our database for future use. For example, you subscribe to our newsletter or leave a comment on our blog post or any other digital media. Similarly, we may ask you to create a user profile on our website. This way, we can save your email address to our database, but your password will always remain confidential.
  • Information that is Collected Automatically: When you access this website on your device, we may collect your and your device’s information automatically. For example, as soon as you land on our website, we may collect which browser you are using, your IP address, pages you have viewed, referring sites, time, date, and more. We may also gather information about every action you perform on this site, like clicking on a specific link or page.

How May We Use Your Information?

  • To share future promotions, like newsletters. You can stop it anytime.
  • To provide you with good user support.
  • To create your account and register yourself as a potential user of this site.
  • To measure and track the marketing campaigns on the site.
  • To respond to your queries and comments.
  • To keep the site protected from any sort of illegal or unethical activity.
  • To maintain and operate this site.

Do We Share Your Information with a Third Party?

We only share your details with third parties when you authorize us to do so. Without your permission, we will never share your information with anyone. In addition, our website may use services provided by third parties that have their own privacy policies.

For example, the site uses the services of Google Analytics. It monitors the site usage and provides information about the users’ actions on the website and referring sites. This service may collect your IP address without gathering more of your personal information.

At the moment, your information is not shared with anyone, but we may update the list as and when needed. Except when the law requires, we will never reveal, distribute, or sell your personal information without your permission. However, we may share your personal information collected through our website via third-party applications.

The Use of Anonymous Information

We may use anonymous information from time to time, which does not disclose your identity alone. We may provide this data to other parties for advertising, marketing, or other similar purpose. Example of this anonymous information includes data or analytics gathered from cookies.

The Information that May Remain Visible Publicly

If you comment on our website or create your profile, the information listed below may remain publicly visible.


The Heppy Pets website uses cookies for various purposes, including but not limited to analyzing users’ information, preferences, and site customization. In addition, it ensures that the same ads are not sent to users repeatedly. Third-party services may also use these cookies, like Google Analytics.

You can alter the cookies setting on your browser to stop creating ones. This way, you can avoid sharing your information through cookies. Moreover, you can remove or delete the cookies that are already created on your browser.


We may connect with third-party agencies to serve advertisements when you land on our website. It may use cookies. We do not share any sort of information with site ad providers.

We may go for remarketing with third-party companies, e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Google, and other similar platforms. These agencies run ads using the information of previous users.

We may collaborate with brands, influencers, and other agencies for sponsorship. The sponsored campaigns use pixels to collect data. It may contain cookies. In that case, sponsor companies collect your information to monitor the marketing campaigns.

This website may go for affiliate marketing. For this, we will link our site to tracking links. When you click on this link, a cookie will be generated on the browser you use. It is done to track the amount of sales you generate for commission purposes.

Our newsletter may contain pixels for tracking your information. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we may collect and use your information for marketing purposes. We may embed this pixel in emails to analyze online campaigns. These pixels help us track the emails you open and the links you click on. It will also help us develop the content, keeping the user’s interest in mind. The information collected through the newsletter will not be disclosed to anyone without your consent.

Your Rights

You may access the personal information that we have collected through our website by writing to us at [email protected]

You may discontinue communication at any time you want by unsubscribing to our emails. For this, you can also notify us via email.

You may contact us at any time to change your personal information stored on our website.

You may get in touch with us to forget or erase your personal information from our record. For this, you just have to drop us an email.

Sensitive Information

You must not submit any of your sensitive information to the site, like political opinions, criminal records, security numbers, ethnic information, memberships, etc. If you share this type of information with us, it will be treated according to this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

You can reach us out at any time at [email protected] to share your questions or queries related to this Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: October 26, 2023

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